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(any long time readers I have left--and there are probably very few at this point--will know that I picked up the habit of introducing new conversation this way. So....)

I am rebuilding the website and blog as I rebuild my laptop. Incidentally, my MacBook runs faster now than when I first got it and transferred the data from the iBook. It's all meant to be much simpler and cleaner. The longer I am online (15 years now? Heck, I even teach online now!), the more I appreciate websites that are clean and easy to read. For the absolute neophyte in web-building (and I am more an expert on design than web building...), I am beginning to embrace the notion that templates are underrated. That said, I am using one in my new website too. It just looks so much like what I sketched, that I weighed the time it would take to build from scratch and went for the easier solution. I gots lots to do, so why not?

I am copying my pages to word-the code anyway-so that I may customize and experiment. I will eventually make it all mine again, but this is an efficient start for me at this time.

(and there it is again)
I found this is my rebuilding.

For fun and attribution, I will share the path I took to get there.
First, comes the realization that I don't really miss my bookmarks. I miss some of my add-ons, that's all. So off to Firefox add-ons I go. When I get there, I have yet another realization that I cannot recall what it was that I missed, but look--there is way good new stuff!

I added BlogRovr: "You don't have time to read ALL those Blogs! Let RovR do it for you. Rovr fetches posts from your favorite blogs about anything you're browsing, and shows you summaries you can open read posts without leaving the web page you were on. Blogrovr also suggests popular items AND lets you Twitter about any site you're on too."

That's me. Lots of interest in lots o' things, but not the time. At this point it also dawns on me that the Hinternets used to be so much more fun before I worked at home. Side bar, resolution: Must have more visits to the gym, and more fun online.

All will be revealed in due time.

Back to the path...
Having installed BlogRovr, I decided-in the spirit of work learning AND having more fun--to check out their recommended sites and un-check the political trolls like Michelle Malkin (no link intended). I follow politics--and business trends--rather closely, something I stopped talking about in this space. No more...

This exercise led me to Seth Godin's blog, which led me to Hi + Low, which is what started this post in the first place. I am really enjoying both blogs, by the by. I have only heard of Godin peripherally, but in doing a little follow my nose on His Authorship, we seem to be preaching much of the same message about business and marketing. I'm not a business major, I am example of why some of the big boys are recruiting M.F.A.s over M.B.A.s these days

So... if you haven't done so, go back to the top and read the rules from the Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules. My personal favorite is #6, "Nothing is a mistake. There's no win, No fail. Only Make.

Go to your studio and make stuff.


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