Sunday, February 03, 2008

times are a changin'

I've been on the brink of closing down the blog, but have resisted. I think it's just time to go back to a time when I posted more of what goes on in my head, realizing that is part of the process of Making Stuff.

I got locked out of my account on my MacBook this week. I lost around 40GB of data--I think. My hard drive says I have that much more free space now, but I can still find a lot of my docs (I have yet to realize what is lost) from the new root account I created before... *sigh* .. I deleted the old one that was encrypted.

It's Firevault that done the deed. Apparently, there is a glitch... if you use Leaopard, Filevault and an 8 character password, you are, sooner or later, doomed to destruction. And so it goes...

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