Monday, February 04, 2008

I need to spin. It's been waaaay too many days. I also need to work up some sketches for some work I want to do. I found several shows that I would like to enter and they are good motivation to for me to execute these ideas.

I bought not one, two, but FOUR lint brushes. Between my 3 dogs, 3 cats and fibers, I am always picking fiber off of it--and me. (Btw, I keep my yarns in baskets away from the beasties and set the spin with Kookaburra Delicate Wash with Lavender and Tea Tree. It guards against allergens. And that... was for my customers-- Back to the lint brushes. )I had had enough of the looking down and seeing this morning's yarn/fibers on my lovely bag. So enough of that. I have a lint brush for my car, my office, my purse and home. Really. Enough of that.

I need to spin now. So enough of this :)

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