Saturday, May 25, 2013

If you are a fiber person, make a cup of tea, put your feet up and look. at. THIS! Beautiful, beautiful  Treasury including some of my favorite artists in the business. And... us :D 

Like a long, lost friend.

It's still here. The blog. Yay! It's been a big week around here, what with the yard watering, business growing and requiring new decisions... It's scary and exhilarating and, well. Awesome. I know, I know... that word is overused, but it really has been an inspired week. Amongst other things, we started developing new products. See those? Ombre batts and yarn  Available here :)

There is another one finished in a white to blue gradient- spun boucle style (from the above batt).

What.... else? Oh! We have begun offering what we think is one of the best mini skein buys on the market! They are 100% washable, approximately 75% commercial yarns and 25% hand painted, by yours truly. We have had great reviews thus far and are thrilled to find offer them. Plus it gives me a great excuse to troll ebay looking for yarn, something I find rather mindless and soothing whether we buy or not. Even with our commercial accounts, it's not always easy making available a wide variety of minis for the pound bag, but it is always fun :)

We have pretty much moved away from keeping regular studio/store hours for all kinds of reasons, but the biggest is that we're so much more productive this way. That said, I am thinking hard about a once a month class. Maybe. Some day. *scratches head*

Damn artists... ;)

Friday, December 09, 2011

Wow, its' December!

It's time!!! Bring your fiber projects and get on over here for some good company, good food, coffee and uninterrupted fun!

Saturday, December 10 from 2:00pm until 4:30pm

I should mention that we have a new gallery cat (Kitten!!!) in case that is an issue for you. She's very funny and friendly and seems to add a great deal to people's enjoyment of the gallery--but we know that is not the case for everyone.

BTW... Hannah Giere volunteered to cook for us and we thank her profusely!!

In brief, so I can get back to the holiday rush... :D

*** For those of you who were waiting, your needle felting pen tools are in! I only have the ones you asked me to hold for you and two more left, they sell so fast! And, yes I have already ordered more :D

*** By request, we now have seam clips, point protectors, magnetic bag clasps, stitch holders, counters and yarn sleeves.

*** I'm still looking around for the best deal on sock blockers.

*** Next week, we're getting in a large, new assortment of dyed Corriedale and Merino fibers for felting and spinning. I can't keep up with the demand as late(yay!), so I ordered from Louet. We have bumps of New Zealand wool in stock. It's very soft for spinning yet, because it is so inexpensive, it also makes a great core wool for felting.

*** Next week, we're getting in about 300 hundred cookie cutters. Yep. I said three hundred! We'll keep adding to our selection if you like them. They are great for cooking (obvious, yes?), mineral and polymer clay, and ... you knew it was coming... needle felting!

Phew! I better get back to the studio. Santa has us hopping these days :D

Laura and Steph

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Phat Fiber videos are up and the sale is... shhhh.... it's a secret :D

The preview videos are up!  Our sample is in the first video at 2:50 minutes in. But first, pour yourself a glass of wine, cup of tea or coffee, sit back and enjoy the parade of BEEEEEyutiful fibers and yarn. If you would like more info about the Phat Fiber Sampler box, visit them at or on Ravelry! Use the code "PFBlogNov" to get free shipping through the month of November :D
Part One...

Phat Fiber Box Nov 2011 Part 1 from Phat Fiber on Vimeo.

Part Two...

Phat Fiber Box Nov 2011 Part 2 from Phat Fiber on Vimeo.

Part Three...

Phat Fiber Box Nov 2011 Part 2 from Phat Fiber on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

from hankie to mittie

Someone on the PhatFiber contributor list posted this link from Yarn Harlot about knitting mittens from hankies.... Since we recently received some hand-dyed silk hankies from Wonderland Fiber for sale in the gallery, I thought I must share :D

"Mine, Mine all Mine! 

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Well, well.. here we are!

Good Day!  
We've been so very busy preparing for the holidays, we haven't had the chance to write much in awhile! (dontcha hate it when a blog starts out that way ;) We have several events planned, so I'll start there.

    It’s time to launch our official “Stitch & Bitch” for the winter months! Our first one will be this Saturday, November 5 from 2-5pm. Several of you have asked for it, so be it--We're looking forward to having everyone! Bring any project that you want to work on, be it knitting, spinning, crochet, sewing and spend the afternoon in good company. Who knows what you’ll learn! The first one just happens to be on my birthday, November 5, so we will have coffee, tea, sparkling cider, wine and… cake of some kind! I do so love cake  :D  Mom taught me to be generous, so to celebrate,  I'll host some kind of drawing/give away for people that attend.

November 12, from 2-5. LeeAnn Cisneros of Alamosa and Heaven Scents will host a crochet class for those of you that want to learn. Personally, I find it very handy and creative to be able to do both, so I expect to see some you hard-core knitters along for the ride!  There is no charge for the class itself, just the cost of your supplies-and we’ll give you 10% off of those that day.  

What else… We’ve begun participating in the Phat Fiber Sampler box again. This month’s theme is “Wine Country”. Our colorway is inspired by the foods that are classic accompaniments to good wine and Clara Peters’ “"Breakfast Still-life with Bread, Cheese and Cherries", 17th century. Many of you know that I teach Women’s Art History and I have long loved this painting, so it seemed like the natural choice.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Phat Fiber Sampler program, check it out here: . There is much to get excited about there!

New stuffs...
What’s new?
--dichroic buttons for your projects
--Christmas ornaments and lots of them.
--a shipment of Brown Sheep yarn
--fibers, fibers, and more fibers!
--new angelina colors
--hand dyed silk bells by Wonderland Fibers
--needlefelting tools
--knitting, crochet notions-including magnet closure for bags
--handmade bags by Vickie Marquez
--hand dyed cashmere sock, DK and worsted yarns

That’s good for today, yes? Keep in touch. We miss you when you’re gone. 
Steph and Laura

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Afternoon with Amelia Garripoli!

I wish I could be at Gypsy Wools this weekend! I consider Amelia an internet/fiber friend. We "met" when she bought some of my yarn online, knitted a toy with it that was later posted online at the Yarn Museum Online.

I'm going to have to buy the book and be satisfied with that :)

Summer fun

Music Festivals, Fiber Festivals, Parade Floats... These are my summer realities. It's great fun, but I must admit I miss camping and gardening too.

We thought we'd make that happen this Summer, but with galleries opening and a dog in her last days (though she seems good today!), well... there has not been much leaving of home except to do these other things.

What else? I haven't used my loom(s), but I have filled my store more than it ever has been. I even have stock not yet listed. I am trying to get a good stock built up for August-usually one of the better sales months--and for Fall when we open the gallery. I have yet to settle on a name for the place. I keep waiting for the "right" answer to dawn on me.

I have a table loom that is ready and warped -- and I have actually settled on yarn! I should just get to it. I know that the work will usually carry me forward, but then I want to do another freeform piece as well.

As problems go, mine are gifts.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Loom!

I know little about it except that it was made in Berea, KY (Shoutout to Steven and Gin!) We were given a great deal on it-especially important during the Summer when I am not working at the college. It's gorgeous and fits nicely in the living room, making it much likely that I will use it.

I look forward to weaving all matter of stuff with it-including, but not limited to, paper!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Andrea in Blue

I was a guest blogger at Andrea in Blue today. I made a rambling, stream of consciousness comparison of painting and freeform fiber art. Check it out!

BTW, I am teaching a freeform knitting and crochet workshop July 10 at the SLV Folk Art and Fiber Festival.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

deadline approaching: call for entries

Whether you use traditional media in traditional or contemporary ways, we hope that you will choose to join us in celebration of the traditional arts. The SLV Folk Arts and Fiber Exhibit will open with a reception on June 27 from 5-7pm and close after the launch party for the SLV Fest. Simultaneously, the Monte Vista Information Center will host ticket sales for the SLV Ski Hi Stampede, Colorado’s Oldest Pro Rodeo. Hundreds of people will see this beautiful exhibit during the 4 week run–We hope you will be one of them!

The SLV Folk Arts and Fiber exhibit is open to all media, but will give preference to the folk, self-taught, traditional arts, fine crafts and fiber arts. The winners of the exhibit will have their works featured here (online) for 6-12 months, so Download the prospectus or sign up online.

Important Dates:
May 23, 2009: Entry Deadline (postmark)
June 5: Notification of Acceptance June 19: Mailed work arrives
June 22: Drop off work & Install Exhibit
June 27, 5-7 PM: Opening Reception June 13-July 10: Exhibit
July 10: SLV FAFF Workshopsin Marsh Park
July 11& 12th: Festival in Marsh Park
July 14, 10AM-12PM 2009: Pick up works

July 15-20: Mail unsold works

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Phat Fiber Box

I kept meaning to show off what came in my Phat Fiber box,
so here is February's Treasure!
I'm spinning now so I will be back to give more specifics.
Specifically? I just finished spinning up my sample from
Silver Sun Alpacas
(pictured below)
with some crazy pink lame'-yes... lame'.
I must... have more.
Photos forthcoming.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What to do...

It's 5am and I woke up painting.

Not literally, of course, but the images were flooding in as my unconscious gave way to the conscious. The conscious mind saw them and said, "this is good".

Then my conscience woke up too. It reminded me of the grading I had left to do, the unwritten classes and upcoming show deadlines for work already started.

So the battle begins anew...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Student Expectations Seen as Causing Grade Disputes

Student Expectations Seen as Causing Grade Disputes -

I see this all the time. It seems that our students come to me without having learned that sometimes what we see as our efforts are simply not good enough. All the effort in the world is in vain if it still leaves a job undone, in "real" life, people, employers, tell us no all the time. It's painful, but it's also an opportunity to stretch, to learn.