Sunday, December 31, 2006

look ma, I made yarn!

Denny bought me a spinning wheel many months ago, but I hadn't time to learn to use it, so I lent it to a friend so I wouldn't get distracted. She returned about 10 days ago, but it sat for yet another week because I have been too ill to sit up!

Kool-Aid dyed fiber I recieved for graduation and/ or Christmas.

My first handsupn yarn! I can't keep the wheel spinning with my feet yet, so much practice is in order. I've done two more rolls since then.

I stopped working on these chenille opera gloves when I started spinning. Crystal and I have inadvertantly established an unfinished Christmas gift tradition, and these are hers. I had one made of wool, only to discover that I had done EVERYTHING wrong and it was too big. I felted it and it shank in length but not width. Talk about stubby fingers,lol. So I have started over. These are actually my first gloves. I've only made hats, scarves and sweaters until now. My plan is to continue incorporating it into my art work, so the construction experience is invaluable.

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