Friday, December 29, 2006

now what?

My lack of posts now reflects less a lack of time, but, rather, a lack of direction. Not surprisingly, I got really sick after graduation-in fact, I fell quite ill whilst taking down the show. A mouse had moved in (did it move in with the show or after? Dunno...) and I get a tad freaked out not by their cute, fuzziness, but by their tendecy to carry Hanta Virus. With my life-long history of respiratory disease, I feel I cannot ignore the risk. Or I am just a flaming hypochonriac,lol.

I must admit I have more than a small case of the blahs-and the snow outside doesn't help at all. School ended badly. I am feeling horribly disapointed, let down and I don't feel like giong back at all, not even to teach. I've spent much of the week looking for a job as this one will not be enough in another month or so. I have strategies for staying afloat in the meantime, but they are nothing I want to do long-term. I'm certain I'll feel better about teaching once I am doing it again-and I finish up the loose ends concerning my degree, but right now... Bleh. That's all I should say about that. Sometimes, talking about something only makes it worse, entrenches belief. (Much less blogging about it,lol!)

I may only need some time to see things differently, but, for now, I am terribly burnt out on academia. Except.. now as I say it, I do feel a glimmer of hope at the thought of a classroom. The only thing I know for certain now is that I do love learning.

I best go shower.. I gotta get to church ;)

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