Monday, October 24, 2005

Stash Sunday

I've been hanging out a bit here and there at Flickr and was invited to join Stash Sunday.

From the blog, Stash Sunday:"Stash Sunday was created with the idea that many of us artistic and crafty folk have piles and piles of goodies in our stashes. Are you a quilter, knitter, dollmaker, or other creative person? Every Sunday, pull out one of your favorite stash pieces. Post a photo on your blog. Tell us about it- why did you buy it- or where did it come from? What do you like about it? How long have you had it? And... what do you plan to do with it?"

This bowl, these dishes, are part of a growing collection of vintage melmac dishes that I use for papier mache'. I love the clean design and shapes. The bowls I make from them (scroll down for examples) are appropriated from these shapes and recall a time of both high design and the birth of consumer "convenience". I rarely put a foot on my bowls because I like the mobility it often gives them. I also think it celebrates the shape yet makes them both more kinetic and organic.

As such, they are also a great reference to rampant consumerism and my concerns about about an increasingly alienated society driven by artificial and superficial desires.

Did I mention I think they are fun too?

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