Sunday, October 23, 2005

Call for Entries

Vivia's Art

Vivia writes: "I guess I believe that creativity will save the world. Is this just a hackneyed modernist notion, or do we have no alternative but to look within for the pulse of wisdom that can guide us through the minefield of political, ecological, and social complexity that is our world today? How do we cope with the confusion and complexity which is the normal state of our American lifestyle?"

I miss the conversations we used to have about these things when we shared a studio at the college. I hardly use that space anymore. Gas has gotten so expensive, and I am so much more productive in my own space.

Back to Vivia's query. I wholehe-art-edly agree that creativity will save the world. What else could? Plainly put, it is creativity that brings us new solutions to old problems. Creativity is an expression of a power greater than ourselves, God if you like.
God may well be the answer, but creativity is the channel.

I am still carrying this article around from Grist Magazine(re-published at AlterNet, April 25, 2005). I know I posted it a few months ago, but it bears repeating.

Imagine That:What the Warming World Needs Now is Art, Sweet Art by Bill McKibben

If you have the time and the inclination, the comments are as good as the article.

Thinking of you, Biv, as you witness to DIA :)

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