Friday, September 30, 2005

It's alive!!

After many months of experiments, I finally have a sign of life, a seedling! You may or may not recall, I have been trying to develop a sculptural medium that a)uses recycled materials ( like, uh... paper;) and organic materials and b) will sustain plant life.

I also ordered several mosses from-where else-ebayto use in sculptural,painting, and fiber applications. Despite all the pressure of decisions and finances, I feel excited about this.

Yesterday was a very difficult day, again, made more so by my seeming lack of skin. It wears ever thinner the longer I have to take these freakin' hormones. I swear, evertyday is so full that I have no recall about whether I mentioned that the last biopsy came back with less than favorable results. Still no cancer, but persistant hyperplasia.

I have been feeling more and more fragile as time goes on and, well.. to say I do not like it is to say much. Work holds me together at times like this. I am definitely one of those live to work kinds of persons.

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