Wednesday, September 28, 2005

on and on it goes...

My sisters and I have all been in touch with one of my crafty blog buddies. She lives in Lake Charles, LA and she is currently displaced and hurting. Her house has sustained damage, her children's clothing and beds are molding. Her husband has gone back and is living in a camper so he can work-he works at one of the refineries.

Now for the amazing part... She is staying with friend that lives TWO BLOCKS FROM MY MOM!!!

Mom and I have been on the phone a good bit lately coordinating donations from the valley and homes for a few people here and there... When I realized Rachel was close (but not yet knowing it was THAT close!) I called Mom to see if she could help. Mom is keeping really long days these days working at shelters and coordinating efforts between various organizations.

I realize more and more how much I am like her, how much I have learned from her about good citizenship. Or maybe... how much I have to learn from her.

Perish the thought ;)

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