Wednesday, July 27, 2005

gone too long

Yep, that's me.

I have been:

making paper
worrying about my health( I have to have another endometrial biopsy today)
playing with dogs
making books
making paper
working at the shop and at various events requiring a tent
making paper
making paper
claening up my workspace
prepping pulp
gathering materials
going to yardsales
making paper
waiting too long to get tix to hear Jean-Claude and Christo
making paper
sorting beads and otherwise getting ready for the bookbinding class on Sunday (which you should come to, Cindi!)
making more paper
paying bills
worrying about a friend-make that several friends (one has a stalker and the other's brother is in a coma)
not making paper, but needing to so
worrying over my sick laptop
not making paper
not blogging
sewing clothing and my collage
cutting my hair shorter and shorter
going to lunch with friend
playing with dogs
mowing weeds but saving the grass to make paper :)'s not pretty, but that covers it!

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