Saturday, October 23, 2004

Denny, Crys and I went to our art meeting last night. It lasted until 9:30. I knew it would.

We're growing and showing together more often-we have a show in January at the Rio Grande County Museum-and we needed to start discussing how it was that we wanted to grow. It was resoundly agreed that we did not want to become so organised that we had to resort to Robert's Rules of Order. I'm not thinking we were ever in any danger of this, but it is benificial to be in agreement!

I'm thinking we may want to join the local Chamber of Commerce. Simply to help our arts community become more understanding of the local arts scene and to maintain a professional presence there. Some of their recent events are seen to be lacking where art is concerned, and I am for minimal complaining and maximum action. Complaining can be deleterious and whining downright paralyzing. It was a lesson hard learned and I am usually ready to just get on with it-even if it means more work for me.

We'll see what happens. It may not be that this is appropriate for our group and, above all, I don't want to lose these people's influence in my life. I have come to truly cherish them.

So, on to the really fun stuff. I had my camera with me last night. I took pics of some of the work that was shared. We are an amazingly talented bunch, if I may say so . We also drew names to do potraits of each other for the show-with the understanding that a portrait doesn't HAVE to mean a likeness.

Here are some pics from the meeting:

This is Cand(i or y I dunno!) our newest member showing us her stash of beautiful tye dye.

These are "Bag Hags" by Jane Rhett. We usually have our meetings at Jane's House-she is entirely too good to us! These beaded babes are called Bag Hags because there are tiny bags/purses built into their bodies! I love, love, love them!

And just to make James giggle, here are Jane and her husband, James

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