Saturday, October 23, 2004

I just got an announcement today about a new auction. Brand New. Alomst empty as yet.

However, in the spirit of entreprenuralism and impulsivity, I am giving them a try.

The Coop Auctions are "a new auction site catering to the craft/hobby/art industry. We not only have catagories to list your finished items to sell, but catagories to purchase the materials to
make and sell them with as well......

The listing fees are low--just .50 cents an item (we have add-ons
that you can use for additional fees, but it's up to you) and NO
FINAL VALUE FEES! Plus, we give you $10 in 'fun money' to use to try
out your listings on our site! All your auction fees come from your
fun money account, which you can add to at any time via paypal or
check/money order, so there are no big surprise billings to hit you
the following month. Once your item is up, it's paid in full,
anything you sell it for is yours to keep!

We also have a great referral program--for every person you referr to
our site that joins, you get $5 credit to your fun money account!
Just email me the user ID or email address of the person you
referred, and I'll add the $5 to your account-you could be selling
for FREE for a long, long time! (great way to push your customer list
to auctions where you can KEEP most of the money!)"

They also say they will consider adding categories upon request.

I'm a bit tired of all the windows I must wade through on ebay, so why not give the little guys a try. I can always go back....

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