Monday, October 25, 2004

Making Me Laugh, Making an Observation

This weekend, the only thing I did towards a creative end was season a pound fiberfix, cut up a pink, cotton sheet for future papermaking efforts and make(up) a green chili lasagne that was spicy as... well, you get the picture. I'm feeling a bit tired and burnt out and I know that a few days of doing little or nothing will usually revive my creative impulses.

What I did do, was surf blogs via BlogExplosion. Those of you passing through in the same manner, know that you must spend 30 seconds at each site in order to receive traffic credits. Living in the small corner that I do-meaning I am STILL on dial-up-this is easy. In fact, many sites-particularly those with flashing lights, and other annoying gimmicks-do not open in that time! So, imagine my mirth when I read this at Whispering Loudly. (clever name, don'tcha think?)

Amelia writes: "Let me put it this way, it's not all roses, you HAVE to stay on a site for 30 seconds. Doesn't sound like long I know, but that's not always something you want to do. It takes willpower and strong coffee to stay on a site that discusses intricate wool manipulations with a size 7 knitting needle. Even I am amazed at my restraint. Just goes to show, I can be bought."

I feel just the opposite of course, and this tickles me, these very human differences. About a year ago I tired of my old blog and it took another 3,4 months and a very painful experience to give me the incentive to give it up.

I like-no, make that love-learning new things, making new things. Outside of my friends and family, I rarely read vanity blogs/journals. In perusing blogs this weekend, I could easily see that everyone thinks their life is so insane, crazy, off the wall, dramatic, quirky, add your adjective here. And...they well might be. But, unless I know you, it is rarely that interesting to me. Simply said, there just isn't enough time in the world to be friends with everyone and I have terrific friends and family aplenty :)

So, I read blogs to keep in touch and to learn. I suspected as much.

Truth is, I embrace my nerdiness for all things intelligent and creative, for "intricate wool manipulations", glitter(OK, only microglitter in sublter colors--not the clunky stuff we used as kids!), for reviews, for politics and fine arts-both performative and mimetic! I would much rather read a knitting blog (and I haven't knitted in years!), a right wing rant(though I may disagree-and that's healthy), or an artistic editorial than what someone had for dinner, what you are wearing and who saw you dis who, who they disapprove of, who they think is hot/not...

That's just me. Which, I hope makes you giggle too. We're different and it endears me to us all. OK. Most of us. Even I have my limits, right?

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