Saturday, May 25, 2013

Like a long, lost friend.

It's still here. The blog. Yay! It's been a big week around here, what with the yard watering, business growing and requiring new decisions... It's scary and exhilarating and, well. Awesome. I know, I know... that word is overused, but it really has been an inspired week. Amongst other things, we started developing new products. See those? Ombre batts and yarn  Available here :)

There is another one finished in a white to blue gradient- spun boucle style (from the above batt).

What.... else? Oh! We have begun offering what we think is one of the best mini skein buys on the market! They are 100% washable, approximately 75% commercial yarns and 25% hand painted, by yours truly. We have had great reviews thus far and are thrilled to find offer them. Plus it gives me a great excuse to troll ebay looking for yarn, something I find rather mindless and soothing whether we buy or not. Even with our commercial accounts, it's not always easy making available a wide variety of minis for the pound bag, but it is always fun :)

We have pretty much moved away from keeping regular studio/store hours for all kinds of reasons, but the biggest is that we're so much more productive this way. That said, I am thinking hard about a once a month class. Maybe. Some day. *scratches head*

Damn artists... ;)

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