Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer fun

Music Festivals, Fiber Festivals, Parade Floats... These are my summer realities. It's great fun, but I must admit I miss camping and gardening too.

We thought we'd make that happen this Summer, but with galleries opening and a dog in her last days (though she seems good today!), well... there has not been much leaving of home except to do these other things.

What else? I haven't used my loom(s), but I have filled my store more than it ever has been. I even have stock not yet listed. I am trying to get a good stock built up for August-usually one of the better sales months--and for Fall when we open the gallery. I have yet to settle on a name for the place. I keep waiting for the "right" answer to dawn on me.

I have a table loom that is ready and warped -- and I have actually settled on yarn! I should just get to it. I know that the work will usually carry me forward, but then I want to do another freeform piece as well.

As problems go, mine are gifts.

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