Monday, July 28, 2008

One of these things is just like the other....

OK, truth is.... one of these thing is all of these things. Years ago, my dear friend, Donna, wove the fabric you see in the first two photos. She then commissioned someone to turn it into a coat-- the result of which she was disappointed with. Years later, and still years ago from today, she gave the coat to me to "do something, make something with... "

This weekend, I started on that "something". I am cutting into strips and spinning it around a binder thread of carpet warp to make new yarn. Because it is such a stiff weave, it doesn't hold together well enough to cut into strips and knit-or spin. Several experiments were needed to determine this.

The resulting yarn is huge. I'm thinking I will need a size 19-35 needle to knit it-unless what I do is simply knot it. I'm using everything-lining, buttons too in either the
yarn or the finished product.

Stay tuned. Updates as conditions warrant.

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