Monday, July 21, 2008

and now... eight days AFTER the SLVFest...

I might finally start feeling rested again :) I had a bonafide... blast. This year's fest grew and exceeded my wildest expectations! At this time, I believe that all of our vendors (save one? We're confused on that one... ) want to come back next year. Not only is this a huge vote of confidence, but it gives us a more stable projected budget for next year.

I myself spent a minor fortune. Knowing who was coming, I had been saving for it, after all.

Check out the photo gallery for 2008 (click here.)

After everyone was gone, and I had slept a day or two, I told  a friend,  "I feel so much more connected, a part of a larger community." So... for those of you who wonder why I do it, that's why. I learned a very long time ago that working for some semblance of the Greater Good was far more satisfying than many of the things I did for myself. I still need those things I do for me, but the satisfaction is far more fleeting.

Oh--and I met CLAUDIA! It was rather hilarious, that moment when we were talking and we both realized that we had been following each other's work, lives on the web. We both pointed at each other and said "You're... " Definitely one of those "when two worlds collide moments, but in this moment, something seemed to be set right rather than upset.

I had been so busy the last year months I hadn't read blogs much at all (much less tended mine!) I lost track of the fact that she was moving to New Mexico, three hours from us. And.. although I knew that "Heal My Hands" sounded familiar, I was rushing about with an every increasing amount of last minute details to process much of anything. And then suddenly, there we were talking in her booth about freeform.

I'm going to write her-and I doubt I will wait until I have caught up on all my other correspondence. So.... please.. if you're waiting for me to write back, please bear with me.
Pretty please?

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