Friday, July 14, 2006

Letting go...

Yikes! I sorted through and bagged up no less than thirty three bags of clothes Friday.

I gave away twenty one bags, threw four away, and eight went into a pile for beating into paper pulp.The latter were not nice enough to wear any longer, but were made of cotton, linen or flax. I'm still uncertain about beating rayon for paper. Some people say yes, others, no... I guess I will have to try it myself and see.

I'm getting caught up with my own paper journal, catalogueing what I have done with samples. It's not exciting, but it does give me a sense of accomplishment.

Other than that, I haven't done much at all today... I've been braindead and lazy, in fact.

I'll coast on my recent work for now. I'll have to as it will take a good while to cut up all those clothes!

The bowl is an unfired paperclay bowl with a knitted hemp inclusion. I just love the form. This one has a black background only because I used it in a Powerpoint presentation. (Though... I don't know why that's important. I'm just rambling now...)

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