Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I dunno why, but my blog
is all broken up in FIrefox and Explorer-but just dandy in Safari! I know that blogger is having problems, so I'll wait until tommorow morning before I start trying to mess with it..

In the meantime, I gots more stuff to tell! It's been a busy day and I've got a long way to go..

After a loooong time fiddling with my new compressor sprayer, I got it to work, and work it does!! This is my first effort at spraying pulp. I'm not going to press these sheets just to have the comparison for later. I've made cotton pulp (the picture here is my having added a green pulp to the beaten cotton to change the color). I've cooked 36 qts of corn husks. I'll put it in the beater next...
I made a teeny, 2x3" screen for sampling. My professor/advisor uses one and I wanted one too! I actually varnished this one, so I have to wait to use it... I made it the perfect size for ATCs. I'm smart that way, LOL!

The next item on the agenda is to put together a
paper clay mixture to spray on a fabric "armature." That will have to wait until after dinner. I am famished!

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