Thursday, June 15, 2006

a new day...

No posts yesterday... I ended up, sick (my digestive system always acts up when I am frustrated and tired). Why do most people think that making art is so RELAXING??? Satifying, absolutely, I would never call it relaxing.

On second thought... I think that defines the difference between a hobby and a calling.

I got out early this morning to try and beat the wind. It worked, but only briefly. The wind came up while I was out looking for new armature materials. I am dissatisfied with y previous attempts. They may still work, but I started feeling like I needed a backup. The funny thing is that for all my travels down the alleys of Monte Vista, I found exactly what I wanted behind the house of my friend, Crystal. I didn't actually realize that it was here house until I recognised the dogs that were barking were Henry and Jack! LOL.. I was trying to ignore them as to not upset them further. When I looked up, they were they were standing there barking and wagging their tails furiously. Even funnier, when I visited Crys and Pablo, I prefer to prefer this now abandoned chair that I was taking! I liked the lines of the seat then for sitting and now for sculptural purposes. (I should clarify that the chair in these pictures is not the one I found this morning)

So.. the photos I am posting today are from Tuesday. I didn't take any yesterday because I spent so much time in either lecture, prep or sheer frustrustation. Some days are like that. I've learned that this so often happens right before the breakthrough, so today will be much better, I'm sure...

I spent about a couple hours yesterday rolling and prepping 150 pounds of paper clay so I can start using it today. I wanted to get started on this last night, but well, I'm repeating myself now.

These are sprayed clay pieces. They will require many, many cycles of spraying and drying and they may not work... But ... I really want to see where I can take this...

I sat down Monday night and sketched, and made notes and brainstormed ideas. One of the things that has interested me since then is the idea of using crocheting and knitting as armature and for their innately sculptural and textural qualities. I'm so excited-I just wish it had occurred to me before now so I could have the knitting and crocheting done this week, because that is definitely slowing me down!

Oh, who am I kidding? I am just too excited and want it all now!

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