Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm not getting much done or "made" right now. I've been in meetings and doing so much admin stuff for the school gallery and classes and, well, that! I'm experimenting with a few things, like clear gesso--which is not the clear medium that we though tit might be. It has a little "tooth" to it and doesn't change the color of the paper or fabric to which I apply it.

I'm learning to weave. It's both frustrating and tedious, but interesting too. There is something I cannot explain that is very appealing about creating a new order out of all those threads and seeming chaos. It's comforting somehow to know it can happen.

Despite it all I'm actually much more organized this semester and that is so contrary to how I feel inside.

I'm tired and worried about people that I love these days. I want to be done with school and have less structured time/days. I guess we all want that. I just don't get "here", that often, so I have temporarily "forgotten" that it passes.

I'm teaching another book class on Sunday and I have much to prepare for that. My house is a terrible mess and I want to do something about and at the same time, I don't want to move!

One foot in front of the other... Baby steps...

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