Wednesday, June 15, 2005


'Cause you know I don't go to Walmart, I got lucky at Alco today.

Getcha' mind outta the gutter. It just so happens that I went in for a bridge table and chairs that they had on sale and found a better table, a better chair AND an event tent--all for about 150.00!

We have been borrowing these or going in with others that had them and it had become time to get our own. The wind has died down a good bit this week so that it will make for a much more comfy morning/afternooon This Friday. I'm just leaving everything packed in my car. The running joke around here is that it is just a big purse anyway!

I picked out the first two fabrics for my fabric collage class. (All the pics I took of it were so blurry, so I gave up for now.) I'm making the project much larger than recommended as I am planning to take it back to school with me in the Fall as part of my Summer works. If I went in with something small, it is the first thing my committee would criticize as I have always painted on a larger scale. I hope I do not regret this choice. If I get in over my head, I'll go back and work smaller. I've done quite a bit of sewing (I've held more that one position as a tailor!), collage and needlework in my lifetime, so I am not too worried. At one point I did consider breaking it up into smaller pieces, into a dyptych or tryptych, but in the end, I decided that this was a greater compostional challenge than I wanted to deal with for now.

This really should be fun. I love textiles, patterns and sewing--but I detest traditional quilting(the doing, not the product).

This is my current stack of completed journals. Well, most of them anyway!

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