Tuesday, June 14, 2005

not sleeping

Not sleeping sometimes makes for more blogging. However, since I have not posted in days, an entry, more or less, would constitute more.

Confused? Well, it is 3:40 AM.

My online fiber collage class at Joggles starts today! This is especially opportune as the enrollment for my youth enrichment class was under the expectation and so it was cut to only one week. That would be NEXT week. As I have had little down time to play and create since the semester ended, this becomes a blessing quickly!

I can always use more money or more time and often I value the time far more. This Summer feels as though it is racing by! In a week I will facilitate a panel on arts in the valley as part of a cooperative venture between the college and the local artists. I want to take a week long alternative photo processes class in July and yesterday I was asked to give a 90-120 minute talk(!) on how art facilitates social change as part of another community forum. My dept chair asked me to do that one! Whew! Talk about an honor and challenge. OK, who am I kidding? I could probably talk three times as long on this subject--especially if I was given a chance to a PowerPoint presentation to go with it!


I think PowerPoint (can) Rock and Roll.

I have made about 10 completed journals and taken special orders for several more, including a couple photo albums! I have a couple of pH pens to insure that they will not damage the photos over time. So far, most of my paper checks out as archival. That which isn't in the best sense tends to be on the alkaline side, not the acid. This is still preferable.

Denny, Crys and Pablo have been working diligently on our old barn to turn into a sleek, light-filled studio. He pulled the ceiling/floor of what was once a hayloft out this weekend. The transformation is amazing. Here he is at the top of the stairs that now only lead to, well, the top of the stairs. I believe they are the next to go!

The impulse to sleep had returned finally. I think I shall indulge it whilst I can.

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