Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sandwich anyone?

This is my "sandwich" for my fiber collage class. It's called that because it borrows a bit from quilting formats having two layers of fabric and a cotton batting middle. I love the fabrics as they are both vintage weaves and patterns. The green, yellow, brown pattern reminds me of the biological stuff of life, a primordial ooze of sorts.

Having photographed it, I can see where I need to make some of the stitching heavier and brighter. Maybe... We'll see after I accomplish the next step.

This is one of a couple hundred photos I took during the weeks of the Kids on Campus worskshops. These are masks my students made using papier mache. I had such a great time with these kids and am working on a page to commemorate the time--and so that their parents can have the pics as well!

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