Wednesday, June 29, 2005

and now for my next trick...

I am trying to get caught up with my online fiber class... I drew and cut out the first applique. Does it look like my paintings yet? (mumbles and giggles to self).

I'm planning to embroider it with a sentence that came to me at the end of CELT last month: "What I look like ain't nonya business".

I've been invited to an "art bar" on Friday. Apparently we'll all hang out over dinner and talk about a pre-ordained subject--art related of course. The expectattion is that we stick to the subject of the objectification of women in art. If I understood her correctly, Frankie, who interviewed me last week, wants to continue the conversation that we started on air. SHould be very interesting and perhaps... be good material for my paper.

Interesting times indeed.

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