Saturday, May 14, 2005

time to go

We're off to yard sales this morning. We "should" be out allready, but since we have plenty of stuff, I would always prefer to linger over coffee as opposed to rush out the door. This is one of my favorite things that Denny and I do together. I am not a morning person, and we usually end up fussing at each other at least once, but I still love it and probably in part because of the fussing. It is inherent to the expression of Murphy love, this fussin' and fightin'.

As always, I will be looking for things I can use in my studio, both traditional and not. On the "not" side, I am especially looking for funky melmac dishes and/or traditional molds. Which is a great segueway into my next photo. It's time. My blog layout is kept simple so that I may show off the work. When the work scrolls down, it looks more than I little plain around here...

This bowl is bisqueware with greenware eggs embedded with seeds. I caught the cat drinking out of it last night. I wish I had caught him with camera in hand.

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