Monday, May 16, 2005


It is getting warm here. Not all day long and not every day, but the grass is greening up and my perrenials are making their annual trek upwards. I spent the afternoon yesterday cutting the grass and cleaning out the two square flowerbeds in the front yard. Here is picture link to
a page I made last year to show off parts of my yard.

We have agreed that we are not going to grow many veggies this year. On the one hand, it sill be a very busy Summer and on the other, we wanted to let one bed lay fallow and build raised beds on another. The latter one has never done very well, it's so weedy and we tend to lose interest in it too quickly. However, the raised beds in the front are so easy to weed that we think this will change this... I hope. My plan for those beds is to start a cooking and dye garden.

We'll see...

And...I think Josse should come paint in my yard sometime :)

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