Wednesday, May 18, 2005

quiet day

So far, it's been a quiet day by choice. I had planned to get out and make paper before now. I want something specific for bookmaking this weekend. I also have to make paper regularly during the Summer so that I will have it when it feels to cold to procude it later. I get soaked in the process. However, I have enjoyed staying, playing online, reading blogs and catching up a bit on long neglected correspondence.

Last night, I attended a meeting of the directors and educators lined up for the Kids on Campus program that will run next month at ASC. I am leading one of the classes, one I designed on papersculpting.

While I was in town, I stopped by to pick up my papermaking equipment from the college. I had left it there earlier when I taught the art ed class for the day. I also took this pic of yet another piece I had lined up to show at Grad Review.

It is made of paper mache(made from old clothing , office papers and magazine papers), seeds, clay, twigs, shells on old birch panelling. It is a (conceptual) landscape representing the area I live in. The mountain valley we reside in was once an ocean floor. I love knowing these things.

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