Wednesday, May 18, 2005

More paintings

My artist friend, Teresa has been painting as late. I knew she was talented and creative, but I was most familiar with her fiber works. I am delighted by her new work. It is born of a need to work through her terrible grief over her father's tragic death. You can see the sadness in them, but there is a sweetness in them as well. Many, if not all, contain animals-as does Teresa's life. I see her work as reflecting both her grief and the sweetness of life that I find in the lives of so many people that adore their animal friends.

Hmm... Yeah, one could definitely say I have been musing much about what it is that makes some people so hateful and others more creative and productive in times of stress and strife. It seems to have something to do with their ability to sustain wholesome relationships with the people and creatures of this world....

Regardless, do visit Teresa and her new work. It is a real treat. While you're there, tell her so :) She could use a little buoying these days.

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