Friday, March 18, 2005

piddle vs. work

My mom calls it "piddling". It looks aimless because the results are anything but immediate, but after a time I look around and, wha la! I have moved mountains--all at a very leisurely pace. It is my very favorite way to work, primarily because in process it does not feel like work at all. I start the beater, I sit and read a blog or two, write a paragraph or two, clear a surface (my piling and packrat habits are legendary and worthy of a post of their own), fold some clothes, play a computer game, pay a bill, eat something, all with the tv on so I have some background noise. Three, four hours have passed.

Over the years, I have tried to adopt this approach to living, and especially to that which we call "working", and especially in working in my studio. It is a no pressure tactic that works for me--if I incorporate my deadlines in due time, and particularly if I have only one shedule (mine) to consider.

See where this is going? I am kicking cleaning, writing, working ass. I am staying up until 3 AM, sleeping for three hours piddling, and then sleeping again.

Next week, I will return to my regular schedule. When I do, I will have all the laundry folded, my studio cleaned out and my paper written, all "without looking." Hopefully, I will have learned something from this week about living.

News at 11.

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