Sunday, March 20, 2005

I'll be missing you...

Commencement of said paper has begun. Sort of. I am officially dragging my feet, procrastinating, lollygagging, cleaning house--anything--in an effort to not write it.

I am just not that into it.

I adore the subject, I just don't feel like it. Remind me to never, ever, again to commit to writing anything academic in the Spring ever... again.

That said, my studio is cleaned and ready and I will not be able to get in it to make anything for the rest of the week. But, it is clean. Organised. Insert great sigh of relief here. I know where everything is. I know how to find stuff. Hell, I even found not one, but two small commission checks that I had forgotten about.

Mark Lander, the artist I spoke of earlier, the artist who built my Critter(pulper) had an opening of his work very recently. It is nothing short of phenomenal. Mark is building a website and though it isn't completed, he has given me permission to post it here so that we can all see pictures from this show(as the news article has none!). If you follow the link, rememeber that you are looking at handmade paper... Wonderful wonderful!

Well, I had best get back to not writing that paper. After all, I do have laundry to fold and school begins again tommorow.

I will be taking a load of cotton and linen pulp with me for papier mache. A large load, a week's worth...

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