Saturday, March 12, 2005

more pulp please

The Critter is set up on the kitchen table, happily muching away on pale pink cotton rag and lavender denim. It's still too cool to work in the outside studio as this is a very wet operation and I would be miserable-if not sick-in no time. The plan is to make as much pulp this week as possible!

If I have a great deal of pulp ready, it doesn't feel nearly so precious. I have a number of experiments to set up this Spring summer, not to mention that I want to move up a great deal in scale. Not having a massive amount of pulp will hinder me practically as well as mentally.

This is a shot of the critter last Fall as I was filling it. It is nice to work in the outside studio and have hoses to work with, but I will survive in the warmer inside with two gallon buckets for now.

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