Friday, March 11, 2005

almost spring break

I am being tortured by the cable. In and out, in and out. The TV reception, the internet connection. This would be really annoying except that I am so easily amused I have to laugh at my annoyance. This, of course, tends to short-circuit said annoyance, the cable comes back on and then goes off again and it all starts over again. The "mute" button helps.

What to do when the cable goes out? Blog, of course. Up the ante.

Oh, why not?

This being almost the first day of spring break(for me anyway), I have slept in, and been goofing off all morning online.

I think one of my goals for this break should be learn to stop closing the browser tags in Firefox and Safari when surfing between tags. Really. I think I am impaired.

Since I am off topic this morning(so far, no nuthin' about making anything!) I will share some of the fun places I have found this morning.

From Land-O-Links, I visited, and from there a little history of the inimitable pink flamingo.

Wheee! I still have a couple hours before I go to the shop.

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