Wednesday, March 02, 2005

going, going, going

I just got back from a meeting at the college for those interested in community developement. Among other things, I signed up to help with a) being a liason for community and student introductions, b)helping to form a vision statement for the valley(which our new senator has promised to take with him to Washington and c) announced our art group's efforts to start an valley-wide art resouce group...

...Earlier, I had a pre-meeting of sorts with a client of mine that works for the forest service to discuss future art collaborations...

...Tommorow, I have to give two letcures, and set up future meetings to discuss the gallery operations for the next year. I'm actually skipping my studio time and going to go home, take a nap, and go to the theater in the evening!

I have company this weekend, one exhibit to take down and another to hang on Friday. Saturday is the Alamosa Art Walk, and Sunday I am attending a high tea.

And then.... one. week... until... Spring break!


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