Friday, January 21, 2005

working on saturday

Last week's opening reception at the college capped the end of a long, busy week and and even longer day. One of the other faculty did a performance piece in which she cut off about 14" of her hair. I assisted, pretending to do her hair up, when in actuality, I was marking it off for her. People gasped, they cried. It was more involved than that, of course, but these are the impressions with which I am left.

Our opening at the museum is tommorow afternoon. I can't say I sent out many invitations, because... well, I did not send many invitations. I also cannot say that I am looking forward to it. I get very excited about the propect of showing , but when I get right to the eve of the reception, I have typically lost interest and just want to be left alone again. My neice calls this "double-dipped feelings".

And.. Now.. I know why.

By the time a work is ready for show, I am making something else which I find far more fascinating. The work that opened last week is hardly a month old. Half of the work that opens tommorow is 6,7 months old and I am not doing anything like it now. All of this could make for a very long afternoon, though I love my art group, and I am always glad for the encouragement and the opportunity to share what I do. You know... lest I sound ungrateful.

Oh. And the museum has invited us back next year.

Yay, us!

Denny's portrait of Marian will be a highlight of tommorow's opening.

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