Sunday, January 23, 2005

record attendance?

Possibly. The Museum directors appeared to have been very impressed with the attendance at the opening yesterday. I sent out virtually no invites. I usually send out about 80, so I was relieved, relaxed and had a lovely time.

Oh, and we've been invited back. Not just to show, but to teach workshops, classes!

This is a piece by Art Thing member Jane Rhett.. The figure is completely beaded and the body is a tiny bag. She calls them Bag Hags. It is both amazing and delightful.

I have made mention in earlier entries about the fact that we all made a portrait of another group member. I still maintain that it was the best part of the show. Denny's portrait of Marian Schlagbaum is further down the page, so is mine of Sharon McCoy. This piece by pressed flower artist Jenny Noonan is that of me! It's perfect. I know this, because when I saw it, I giggled. This is something that defies people when getting to know me. I am tenacious, intellectual, passionate, and I consider myself a deeply spiritual person. And... I am a giggler.

If you feel a need to compare it to my actual appearance, you can find a pic of my in my Blogger profile in the upper right hand corner.

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