Monday, January 17, 2005


The real work of the semester begins today. There is less running about and more and more actual work to be done. Tim eto get organized. And... what did I do this morning? Sleep until 10.

What is with me? I slept all weekend too. I know of no one who says they had a busy, productive weekend. Perhaps it is the weather, the time of year... I hope.

I am feeling more than a little overwhelmed this morning. I have no idea where to dive in and get started.

And.... there it is! Like magic.

It often seems as though the minute I admit I think I cannot, I can.

I'll finish filling the molds I made years ago. Finish them even though I am beginning to think they are cursed because nothing I have ever done with them has been successful! Something always "happens" to them. 12 tile molds with images. I have one sculture to show for them, but I do not like it!

I need a list. A list of ideas that I can reach for.

Going to make the list now. Not making the list here. Not yet...

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