Tuesday, November 16, 2004

There! Finished drawing now posted above.

Here's another from my studio at the college. I only decided today that it was done. It is still attached to a drawing board to hold it flat while it dries. I was given some birch panelling from a friend who had just removed it from her home. I cut it up and am painting and drawing on it now quite happily! Recycle, recylce, recycle...

This is a 30 minute drawing from drawing class. It isn't done... I have every intention of using an eraser to finish drawing the face!

One of the (still too small) paperforms I am experimenting with....

....and another.... Notice the string wrapped around the bottom? It is a wick. I am experimenting with the concept of work that is intended to break down or be destroyed. Everything I used in this piece would do that-with little or no environmental hazard.

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