Monday, November 15, 2004

It is sad to say, but most/many people that think they are photographers are really rather pedestrian in their approach. A pretty sunset does not a photographer make. Period. There is process and composition, texture, line, color and more to be dealt with. Most people stop at color and color is the easy part. Color pleases so readily. Handling color well requires a real eye and real intent.

Slogging through blogs as I do from time to time (a wave to the BE visitors as they wizz through!), I see many, many bad photos-and that's really okay. This site is not one of them.

Irina, the photographer at Still Memory, has a gifted eye. She shoots like a painter, with eye for all of the above elements. She also seems to have an appreciation for pattern and the occasional discontinous element. But again, color and composition seem tor be her stong points and she does them very well. OK... quit reading and go see!

I am NOT a photographer, btw. I don't need to be--I am blessed with many friends that are decent photographers. I have been--for over 20 years--a painter. :) For all my new friends at BE, I also teach Art Appreciation at Adams State College in Alamosa, CO. I also said that in the event that Irina visits, she'll take the compliment to heart ;)

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