Sunday, October 10, 2004

Paper, paper very everywhere, all the time...

Well, you know, between teaching my classes, grading papers, speaking engagements, graduate assignments, and my own research!

Phew! It is a very good life indeed.

I have a headache this afternoon. And I have had for a few days, so I am taking a bit of break. Fortunately, I can sleep through anything. We're having our house re-roofed and it is pretty noisy.

I have a beautiful, beautiful batch of pulp finishing up in the beater soon. It is--or it was--dark brown denim and an olive cotton sweater with about five cattail "cigars" thrown in.

I have a twenty page paper due in about a month. Bleh. I may love the research, but I find the writing a bit stressful. I have to methodically remind myself not to write it for my professor/audience and write what I have learned, think in an academic style. Fine line, big difference.

Here are a few of the papers I have done in the last few months. And still, I haven't forgotten you Spencer! I'll have an assortment of samples ready very soon!

Crystal started another(!!! This makes four, five?) blogs for us to use--this one for papermaking/fibers info. Here is is.

Here are just a few of the papers I have made recently, and some for sale here.

There are more, I just haven't scanned them yet. I will, I have started making stationary sets as well. I have a few of those at a new coffee shop in town. It is a wonderful place, opened by a very good potter friend of mine. Sharon will be featured in Ceramics Monthly sometime this year! I'll have to post pics of her place soon-it is that great! I can't wait to take Emma there someday. They have a kids' spot, books, art, a fun, playful atmosphere,veggie sandwhiches, breakfast, high speed internet and Daz Bog coffee! Wheeee! All that and six blocks from my house!

OK, must be nap time! Well, right after I check on the pulp, LOL.

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