Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Cindi asks a good question..

What DO I DO with this all this paper?!?!?!?
I make cards with it,and I am starting to make stationary sets. At school, I am using to collage. I am also negotiating a sale from my website of some of it and with a woman who is starting to distribute her own line of teas!!! She wants some for her packaging.

Papermaking is a crazy, addictive kind of thing... Ya want I should send you some samples??? (send me your physical address--again :) I pulled some sheets of cattail paper--it is so soft and silky and shimmery!!! Must. have. more. cattails!!

Denny and I gathered milkweed this weekend-I want to use the shimmery seed tails to make paper. And the stalks.

OK. Sometimes, I gotta admit I just take it out and admire how beautiful it is all on its own...

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