Friday, August 13, 2004

Finally started the Critter. OMG--it is divine. Or rather, as Perla( a local artist that has been working in, making paper for many, many years with critical success) said, the pulp was "superb!"

We were walking through the back yard and she laughed and said, "so this is what you made that pulp from?" She was pointing all around us and to the ground, the grass.

"Yep. Denny cut the grass on Tuesday. That's what we used!"

I loooove that. And she's right. The pulp is superb, so beautiful.

I ccooked it in lye for 2 and a half hours and then pulped it in the Critter for about 3 hours. It was hard work, cleaning it... I filled 2, 12 quart stainless pots and a 8 qt enamel... Another way to think of it was that I pulped a full mower mulching bag of grass. Having let it sit for a few days in the bag helped I think. It was slightely rhetted(sp?)...

After yard sales tommorow, I will go out and press the rest of the pulp, mixing in other pulps and perhaps bleaching it a bit for different effects.

I so love learning something new, and ironically, I so wish I had another month before classes start.

But I don't....

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