Sunday, July 11, 2004

Here are some pics from the sale. The booth looked great-if I may say so myself. Outright sales were stale, but we all had a good bit of fun hanging out together. Denny said when he was visiting other booths, veryone was having a very slow day in terms of sales-even the food vendors! For me, it was a trial run for the Crestone Music Festival. Crys and I both agreed that we had designed everything for that market, and not this one especially. Which means that we are mostly ready for it! I say mostly, because we both need more of everything. Especially since some of my vendors stopped by the booth and said, "oh! bring me that, and that..."

Lois W. once said, "In God's economy, nothing is ever wasted." I like that :)

We had some wonderful antique fixtures on loan from Viola's Garden Market across the street. If I could afford it, I would sooooooooo buy this one!

I made this basket from a tatty old basket that the bottom had rotted out of. I had left it sitting in the greenhouse where it had gotten wet. When we were making paper, I had the idea to build it a new inside and bottom with paper pulp (I have been wanting to make 3d forms from pulp) and decorate it. I so want to make MORE now! Even if only for Christams gifts! This was fun and I very much love the results. I added these sculpey butterflies(below) that I had made another time. I made a couple hundred without knowing what I wanted them for, but now I do!

Denny did deomstrations on one of his wheels!

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