Friday, July 02, 2004

Garden pics!

Front yard, looking South....

Something must have a semblance of organization...

Emma got the biggest kick out of the wishing well. She told everyone-her riding instructor, her riding instrucor's mom, her teachers, etc., "Laura has a new wishing well! But it doesn't have water in it. .. we planted flowers in it!"

Front porch...

Derbs...remember sitting under this tree eating lunch-it has changed a bit, wouldn't you say?

I planted herbs and edible plants in this old wheelbarrow. Not exactly an original idea, but when it fills in, the Nasturtiums will spill over. It always seems awkward to me whe people plant only upright plants in wheelbarrows. I'll post more at the end of the month when it has filled in.

I try to create small sitting spaces scattered here and there. It is a big yard it's nice to have these places for people to sit in-often while I am working on it!

I have birdfeeders everywhere. I love to listen to the birds singing, but I can always tell when one of the cats has come into the yard by the change in the bird's vocals!

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