Monday, June 07, 2004

Yay, Finally!

I have finally confirmed the time, date for my opening reception! It is this Friday,5-7 @ Milagro's Coffeehouse in Aamaosa. Perhaps most people would not be that excited about having a show at a coffeehouse, but here in the valley, Milagro's is the place! It is very yummy and and busy and many people will be seeing my work there that haven't before. It is a really good place for my work. It's all good indeed!

Here's a fun fact. I was looking over my site stats at and I found out that I list number 7 if you search Google for "amazing paintings". I don't know how it happened(It looks like it has something to do with a site I use to promote my site.)and I know it means nothing in terms of critique, but it sure gave me a laugh and a smile. It's a pleasant dream perhaps,but it felt like the Unverse telling me to keep on keeping on...

Feeling: excited, happy
Listening To: the fishtank
Watching: nuthin'
Reading: mostly blogs. too ansty to sit and read much else, too busy to concentrate if I tried

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