Sunday, June 06, 2004

And for the piece I am working on now... It is much, much bigger so I cannot completely crop the studio out if it.

I am having a great deal of fun!

Heard from Spencer, so he must be coming home-if he isn't already... I best go check his blog... I'm thinking you two will be way to tired of traveling to cometo my opening reception. You know, if they EVER confirm whether it is Thurs. or Fri! It is good to be flexible, it is good to be flexible! I'll working on a flyer tommorow and painting frames. I was supposed to hang the whole thing tommorow but I think I will do it on Tuesday instead... That will give me more time for everything--including some much needed putzing about to clear my head!

Denny, Crys and I volunteered to paint these little birdhouses for auction for one of my very favorite charities, Habitat for Humanity. That will be a very fun project indeed!

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