Tuesday, June 15, 2004

When Denny bought his kiln a couple weeks ago-at a yard sale for 20 bucks-I inherited a large quantity of mags on china painting. I thought I might list them for sale on ebay, but if someone might want to trade me stuff that YOU are not using, I would like that! I could use acrylics, gesso, plants, seeds, art books... stuff like that.

A few days late, here are some pics from the opening. I have already heard from one gallery, possibly two-if I could read their attachment, I would know,LOL.

My wonderful, bestest friend Donna, who drove down from Denver to be here!

Donna Samuels, Crystal Mascarenas, me, Clair Jenne, Dr. Gladys, and omg-this very nice man from Tu Casa whose name I cannot remember...

The cake spread that everyone worked so hard on ...

Carrot cake-the only one that was finished entirely!

Cherry Garcia Melted Ice Cream Cake

Lemon cakes...

Fancy White Cake with Rose Icing AND Chocolate Pound Cake

Raspberry Chocolate

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