Sunday, June 13, 2004

Many years ago, I heard it said that humility was knowing yourself the way God sees you-not too big, not too small but just the way you are. If I had to describe the way my opening went, that might be it. I felt perfectly satisfied being who I was for a few hours. I was thrilled by what I had accomplished and delighted at the people who came to share it, that had helped make it happen, and with my place in life. I feel assured that things are unfolding the way that they should and that I am expressing who I am, not bigger, not smaller.

The big cosmic joke is that my big finds for the day--at yards sales--was an assortment of ...Drum roll please...Wilton cake pans!!!

A big thanks to Denny and Crys for jumping in and baking cakes on Thursday night when I was otherwise detained, to Pablo for the frames, Denny for surprise help in the hanging, Donna for driving down from Denver to be here, Di for the cake leads, and Spencer for calling today to see how it all went.

It went splendidly! It was very well attended and the work was really well received. I had some interesting discussions with people about the work and that thrilled me beyond my greatest expectations. At some point, I'll share some of that. But not tonight. Too sleepy!

Thanks again everyone!

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