Tuesday, June 01, 2004

OK, here they are!

Winter into Spring,36x48", oil on canvas
Still in progress, still too wet to work on.

Spring, 2004; 24x36", oil on masonite
Inpired-ironically enough by the art quilt!

Tree Goddess, 30x30", oil on canvas
I reworked an old painting in a whole new way... I loved the compoisition, but not the coloration and now I love both. Anyone notice that my pallette is getting brighter? Anyone? LOL...

Oxallis Thrill, 36x48", oil on masonite
I have posted this one before, but I have worked on it again. It was rightly pointed out to me that it was lacking in contrasting values(that may be redundant!). So, here it. Finally..completed.

untitled, by Opal Frisch, 12x16", oil on masonite

This one of the cat isn't one that I did. I found it at a yardsale for a dollar and I fell immediately in love with it. I know what is supposed to be "wrong" with it, aesthetically, but I LOVE it just the way it is...

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